Brian Walsh

Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen Critz apologize to Tim Burns for mis-stating his record on taxes and continue his attempts to play both sides of the issue on health care reform.  While he’s stated that he wouldn’t have voted with Speaker Pelosi and that he opposes federal mandates – Critz refuses to work towards repeal of this legislation.

We’ve seen a great deal of polling information since this race began, some that has had both the Republicans and Democrats in the lead.  But one thing is clear – Republicans are close in this traditionally Democrat-dominated district, and Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies are running scared.  Even with Democrats possessing a nearly 2-1 advantage among registered voters, no one is denying that this race is heating up, and even political handicappers Stu Rothenberg and Charlie Cook have moved this race to pure toss-up.  Tim’s message of fiscal conservatism and family values is one that’s resonating, and his push for the repeal of Healthcare Reform and the halting of the Obama/Pelosi agenda is one we can all agree on.

This special election comes at a vital time for our country.  Democrats have rammed through legislation over the past 16 months that has placed the United States on a road to more bureaucracy and higher taxes – with no end in sight.  On May 18th, Americans have a chance to send Washington Democrats a clear message by cutting into Nancy Pelosi’s vote count in the House of Representatives.

I hope you’ll take the time to visit Tim’s Web site and learn more about our great candidate and this important race – and don’t forget to check back daily for our future Race of the Day updates. 

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.