Brian Raum

The research revealed that 62 percent of Americans believe that “marriage should be defined only as a union between one man and one woman.” (By the way, 62 percent is only 4 percent shy of a two-thirds majority.)

Oh, but this was conducted by a “partisan” group or a “partisan” polling company, some may object. The problem is that translating this into an inaccurate poll must be substantiated, and it can’t be. Public Opinion Strategies has conducted polls for NBC and The Wall Street Journal. Does that mean those polls were flawed, too? And what about the above-mentioned fact that the poll the Ledger references was conducted by a self-admitted “Democratic polling company?” Will as much scrutiny be paid to that poll as to the ADF/POS poll?

The widespread support for marriage as the union of a husband and wife is good news. And the other good news is that, the Ledger editorial’s pleas notwithstanding, Christie says he believes marriage “should be between one man and one woman,” adding, “That’s my view, and that’ll be the view of our state because I wouldn’t sign a bill like that—like the one that was in New York.” That sounds like the right choice, and it’s the one many Americans—and the people of New Jersey—hope Christie sticks to for as long as he’s in office.

Brian Raum

Brian Raum serves as senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund.