That’s why the LIBRE Initiative has launched the Accountability Project, which is focused on informing the Hispanic community about how badly they will be hurt by this new law. For months, LIBRE has been in communities around the nation, informing people about the effects of the law, and preparing them to deal with it. Recently, LIBRE launched bilingual radio, television, and internet ads in South Florida, calling on people to contact their Members of Congress – like Representative Joe Garcia [FL-26] – to let them know it is time to stop supporting Obamacare. Now this campaign has been expanded into Texas, where Members of Congress like Pete Gallego [TX-23] continue to support this deeply-flawed law.

This isn’t the time for “muddling through.” It’s not a time for politicians to be thinking about the next election, or cementing some long-standing ideological dream. Right now, the American health care system is threatened. We count on our elected officials to get up out of the foxhole and do the right thing. America has only one President. We have only one Congress; if they don’t do the job, no one else can.

Without accountability, the mistakes that have been made are not going to be fixed. For that to happen, it will take Democrats and Republicans in Congress to chart a new course. It is time for people who understand the stakes to get informed, and to tell Congress to insist on change. If you want to join the effort to insist on a solution, please visit for more information.

Brian Faughnan

Brian Faughnan is Deputy Communications Director of The LIBRE Initiative