Brian and Garrett Fahy

Obama’s second-term cabinet appointments reflect this reality. This year, Obama has nominated cabinet appointees known not for their bipartisan accomplishments, respected reputations, or independent judgment. That was 2008, when Obama nominated Larry Summers and Ray LaHood and retained Bob Gates. The second term cabinet is shaping up to be a coterie of loyal attack dogs (Kerry, Hagel, Jack Lew, etc.) who will report to the political central command, the Oval Office, and with dispatch carry out Obama’s sorties against the GOP.

In view of the foregoing, it is clear that Obama is eschewing the Clinton model of triangulation and consensus. There will be no negotiating with Congressional opposition, and therefore no large scale accomplishments like welfare reform or a balanced budget in Obama’s second term. What is the GOP to do?

First, recognize the total war that is upon them. In the face of an all out assault on the GOP, now is no time to go soft. The GOP must realize that the campaign for 2014 is already under way, and the GOP is again playing from behind in terms of organization, fundraising, and momentum. (See Organizing for Action, above).

Second, the GOP must speak as a more cohesive unit, and include new mouthpieces outside the District. Accomplished Republican governors who have wrestled with the policies at issue in Obama’s second term (immigration, healthcare, gun control) must be part of the national conversation. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are known entities. New voices with successful records must be relied on to combat the Obama assaults.

Third, on specific legislation, the GOP must speak first and speak often, and frame their positions in terms of practical, positive results for all Americans of all races, genders, and income levels. If the 2012 election proved anything, it’s that rhetoric and demonization trumps substance. Therefore, the GOP must improve the rhetoric used to convey its ideas.

Total war ends when one side has been pummeled into total submission and loses the will to fight. For the GOP and for the future prosperity of the country, losing the will to fight is not an option. The only way to survive Obama’s assault is to resist him often and prevail in the 2014 midterms. In the interim, the GOP must man the barricades, because the battle is joined and will not cease until January 20, 2017.

Brian and Garrett Fahy

Brian and Garrett Fahy are attorneys from Los Angeles who previously worked in the White House and Senate Republican Conference, respectively. They write on national legal and political affairs. They can be reached at