Brian and Garrett Fahy

Beyond this, President Obama must speak. As always, the world looks to America for moral leadership, and President Obama has an ideal opportunity to provide it. He doesn’t need to give another long-winded Cairo speech lamenting America’s sins abroad or drawing a perverse moral equivalence between America and our enemies. Something simple and direct will suffice. It could go something like this:

“Forty years ago, Palestinian terrorists killed eleven Israeli athletes and one American athlete in a senseless act of indefensible evil. In response, the world did nothing, and in the subsequent years, we have failed to pay adequate tribute to those who were killed, and failed to condemn the barbarity of what was done. Today we correct those failures.

Today we say that the murder of those athletes was evil, and we mourn with their families. Many years have passed since that day, and we know that time cannot erase the heartbreak and loss that you feel. But we know that God comforts the grieving, and our prayer is that you know His comfort today. Today we also say that terrorism has no place at the Olympics, or in Israel, or in London, or New York, or anywhere else. America stands with Israel today and vows to do whatever is necessary, whenever necessary, to ensure her safety and security.

“Finally, to those who traffic in terror – who attack innocents on buses in Bulgaria, and in subways in London, and on trains in Spain, and in nightclubs in Jakarta, and in hotels in Mumbai or Jordan – know this: your day of reckoning will come. America will not stand idly by while you terrorize innocents. To those who would test our resolve, hear this: if you do, the full resources of the United States government and our allies will be unleashed against you, and against those who support you. You will find no sanctuary from our justice.

“The United States looks forward to a safe and historic Olympic games. God bless the United States, Britain, Israel and all of the athletes assembled from across the world who inspire us with their excellence. Thank you.”

Brian and Garrett Fahy

Brian and Garrett Fahy are attorneys from Los Angeles who previously worked in the White House and Senate Republican Conference, respectively. They write on national legal and political affairs. They can be reached at