Brett McMahon

Now consider the daunting economic present with the future mix of taxes, red tape, and mandates from ObamaCare, and one question has to at least dance around the periphery of every small business owner’s mind: Is it really worth it to continue struggling, grasping, and fighting when your own government is fighting you in the name of appeasing Big Business and Big Labor?

Whatever the answer for each individual, it shouldn’t have to be a question in the first place. The key to getting Americans back to work is to get off the backs of small business owners and let them innovate, work hard, and start creating jobs again. Should legislators fail to heed the voice of small business, entrepreneurs will need to raise the volume through the ballot box next November.

Many are finally realizing that the enemy of small business is Big Government, which is indeed killing small business—and the American dream, jobs, and economic recovery right along with it.

Brett McMahon

Brett McMahon is a spokesman for the Free Enterprise Alliance's Halt The Assault campaign