Brett McMahon

Just in time for Labor Day, the Obama administration gave Big Labor a big ol’ smooch in the form of two more monumentally unfair, anti-worker, and anti-jobs decisions by the National Labor Relations Board. Not to be left out, the New York Times planted a big, wet one on the outgoing NLRB chair. And taken together, Big Labor and the Obama administration are giving our economy the kiss of the death.

One of the Board’s decisions is bad for business. It will allow swarms of “micro-union” organizing drives where paid union staff get to try to cherry-pick employees who want to sign up, but avoid altogether the likely “no” votes. So a small business person can get stuck facing multiple organizing campaigns from different unions for relatively few employees. Of course, businesses don’t like that rule—and why should we, when it will make it more difficult to create jobs, manage employees, and try to grow our economy?

But even more galling is a decision that is patently anti-employee. It ends protections that were recently granted so that employees could petition for a real, private-ballot election if their boss and a union boss had colluded to make an agreement through “card check”. There’s literally no way this is good for employees.

Yet what made the day all the more insulting was the morning’s puff piece from the New York Times, which portrayed the outgoing NLRB chair, Wilma Liebman, as a humble civil servant looking to accomplish nothing more than to “further the policy of this statute, which is to further the practice of collective bargaining, obviously collective bargaining freely chosen.”

There are two glaring problems with that: 1) the law to which Ms. Liebman refers, the National Labor Relations Act, was modified in 1947 to assure that employees could easily remain union-free if they so chose (the adjustments, of course, following the ugly behavior of unfettered union organizers) and 2) she and her colleagues have been doing everything it can to tip the scales in favor of Big Labor, including but not limited to impairing that “freely chosen” part.

Brett McMahon

Brett McMahon is a spokesman for the Free Enterprise Alliance's Halt The Assault campaign