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The New York Times also reported that "Nearly six years into his term, with his popularity at the lowest of his presidency, Mr. Obama appears remarkably distant from his own party on Capitol Hill, with his long neglect of would-be allies catching up to him."

In interviews with the Times, "nearly two dozen Democratic lawmakers and senior congressional aides" suggested Obama's distaste for schmoozing with Democrats "has left him with few loyalists" to help him manage his "legacy" as his term winds down. He's even refusing to golf with members of Congress.

Even with these few press reports, the national media's optics police are still mostly lounging noticed that Team Obama sent three representatives to the funeral of Michael Brown -- underscoring his victimhood status, which is a disgraceful activity for the federal government when the investigation is far from complete -- to assuage the enraged black activists across America. But the White House sent no representative -- not even a former press secretary like Jay Carney -- to the funeral of slaughtered journalist James Foley.

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Brent Bozell

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