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Or take Anita Hill, a favorite of New York Times editor Jill Abramson. Hill insisted on the "purity" of her heart and soul after her unsubstantiated charges of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas. Even when Hill exploited it for a book deal worth more than a million dollars, after insisting she'd never do such a thing, it still didn't chill left-wing enthusiasm. In fact, they're still at it.

The Times recently lauded a new liberal documentary called "Anita," which hails Hill. The Times described it as "an important historical document about an event that prompted a larger cultural conversation about sexual harassment."

The paper wasn't impolite enough to nudge out of its own editorial-page archives a Hill article defending Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal in 1998. Hill bizarrely claimed, "The substance of sex-related accusations against President Clinton differs dramatically from those raised against Justice Thomas or (Sen. Bob) Packwood." That's ridiculous on its face.

For all their alleged appreciation of nuance and complexity, liberal journalists play a simplistic game in identifying saints and sinners, geniuses and goons. The degree to which you embrace and advance liberalism is the degree to which you can do no wrong, and commit no ethical, egotistical or mercenary offense.

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Brent Bozell

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