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Krauss wasn't the only one who was inspired. Fraser asked to be in the movie after reading the script and spent time in the shelters with the mothers and babies. On the last day of shooting, Krauss said Fraser "quietly told Kathy that he was donating his salary to the shelter, so he actually did the movie for nothing. It was a complete surprise to all of us."

The movie critics will probably see this film as a preachy pro-life movie, but it should be remembered that some of these critics believe deeply that abortion is one of America's greatest liberties. Avoiding abortion is like avoiding reality.

Washington Post critic Ann Hornaday bitterly complained a few years back that movies like "Knocked Up" and "Waitress" cheated American womanhood by failing to ponder and explicitly cherish the "A-word": "It's a setup that has some viewers, especially women who came of age in a post-Roe v. Wade America, wondering just what world these movies are living in." She accused the filmmakers of "moral hypocrisy."

It's odd that pro-abortion movie critics might dismiss "Gimme Shelter" as preachy when they don't oppose sermonizing in the movies. They just oppose the sermon of life. For example, Hornaday loved "After Tiller," a documentary sermonizing about the great hearts and deeds of late-term abortionists. The doctors "emerge as thoughtful and dedicated," and the women who enter their clinics are lauded as "the world's experts in their own lives."

After watching "Gimme Shelter," it's quite obvious that the people who run these shelters for unwed mothers are thoughtful and dedicated, and why wouldn't the women who enter their shelters also be hailed by feminists as experts on their own lives? It's refreshing that we can go to the cinema and exercise the right to choose a movie that doesn't bow to the conventional "wisdom" of feminism when it comes to teenagers in trouble. It shows there really are people out there to give hope to the hopeless -- all of the hopeless.

Brent Bozell

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