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Unsurprisingly, our leftist media elite love Jezebel. The Huffington Post announced, "If these short posts are a sampling of smart womanhood, we're sold." The Daily Beast proclaimed the book a "coffee table bible for middle-class feminists everywhere." USA Today noted the "encyclopedic tome filled with hilarious, female-centric definitions on everything from popular movies, to virginity, to acne." CNN host Jake Tapper not only promoted the book and Jezebel founder Anna Holmes on air, he attended her book party.

No one loved this book like National Public Radio. They published at least three book reviews and interviewed Anna Holmes at least three times -- on "All Things Considered," on "Marketplace," and "On Point with Tom Ashbrook." No one asked Holmes about trashing God or mothers who choose to have more than two children. No one even asked why she lists her name on Twitter as "SATANna Holmes." (Emphasis hers.) reviewer Annalisa Quinn proclaimed: "Jezebel is the closest thing we have to an engaging and mainstream (!) feminist news outlet. That is something to be grateful for. (It) may sometimes be mean, petty, biased, and irresponsible -- but it is utterly necessary."

Mean, petty, biased, and irresponsible. That could also be a liberal's sales pitch for NPR donations.

But on "Fresh Air," NPR reviewer Maureen Corrigan took the cake in celebrating this tome of "jolly feminist cultural commentary." The book "is packed with gorgeous graphics and photos, as well as witty and unruly entries on everything from Laura Ingalls Wilder's 'Little House on the Prairie' books to speculums. Most gloriously, this is an encyclopedia with a voice. Take, for instance, the entry on conservative commentator Ann Coulter, which notes that she 'subsists on a diet of kittens.'"

Notice how NPR liberals love to think of themselves as the guardians of civility and the gentle moderators of a national discussion. Baloney. They delight in laughing at the "glorious" notion of Ann Coulter eating kittens.

This is NPR's only recent mention of Ann Coulter. Her latest book didn't receive three gooey book reviews and three fawning interviews. She just gets Jezebel-slapped.

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Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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