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The Valerie Plame Wilson scandal even caused "socially conscious" comedian Al Franken to joke to David Letterman in 2005 that as a result, "(Scooter) Libby and Karl Rove are going to be executed" and then joke that the country was close to executing a sitting president. Now the Minneapolis press reports, "Al Franken is way more hawkish on Syria than Michele Bachmann."

Some are still pretending Obama is the state senator opposing the "dumb wars". Barbra Streisand tried to support both Obama and "peace" by reprinting leftist Katrina Vanden Heuvel on her website: "President Obama has sensibly pushed to bring the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to an end." Earth to Barbra and friend: Obama expanded the war in Afghanistan, and 73 percent of the American deaths there have occurred during his presidency.

But the desperation continued: Obama "has resisted those who wanted earlier intervention in the Syrian civil war. And now he may just need the American people and Congress to keep him from getting more deeply involved in a war that he knows will only further weaken the nation and hurt our interests and our values."

In other words, Obama was against it before he was for it. He just needs a nudge from the people to get back in touch with the American people's liberal values.

Hollywood still has a few serious radicals, the ones who think all wars are cynical profiteering opportunities and Obama and Bush are both willing tools of the military-industrial complex. There's John Cusack, and Danny Glover, who's circulating a no-war petition. Michael Moore is attacking John Kerry on Twitter. But they are the outliers. The "mainstream" in the entertainment world sound like Robert DeNiro on CNN, "I know he'll make a decision and whatever decision he makes, I go with it." It sounds like that wonderful Second City comedy skit gone viral, with a group raising money for World War III called, "The Americans for Whatever Barack Obama Wants."

What Obama wants right now from his leftist base is support or at least silence on Syria -- and his friends in Hollywood have sycophantically obliged.

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Brent Bozell

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