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"When these topics are grounded in compassion, humor and understanding, it can spark a conversation and not always, but sometimes, that conversation can dissolve ignorance," Bomer declared. Traditional religion equals ignorance. Dissolve your Bible.

Murphy gave credit to his NBC bosses Robert Greenblatt and Jennifer Salke for sharing his propaganda dreams: "The lowest-testing scene in the pilot was the makeout session in bed between Bryan and David. I remember not being worried about it, but wondering what the executives would say. Bob and Jennifer both said to me 'Forget about it, it's a beautiful scene. It will change people's hearts and minds, so keep it in.'"

Apparently it didn't.

Comcast/NBC's one-and-done season of "The New Normal" suggests it was perfectly timed propaganda. The brass were very quick to grant this show an order for a full season of episodes -- on Oct. 2, after only four shows had aired, and the ratings weren't dynamite. When they canceled, it came with hopes no one would really notice amid the flood of other axed shows.

In the wake of these cancellations, GLAAD culture cop Wilson Cruz sounded the "diversity" alarm: "The sheer number of characters who will no longer be on the air means diversity on television is once again at risk," he said. "These cancellations mean networks have to make a concerted effort to ensure the 2013-2014 season truly reflects the diversity of their audience. With inclusive programs like 'Modern Family' and 'Glee' continuing to lead the ratings and collect praise from critics, it's in a network's best interest."

With Murphy's aura on the wane, all the hope for progressive propagandists now shifts to ABC's "Modern Family." TV Guide just put the show on a list of the top ten comedies in television history. The ACLU is now running a campaign to push for a big gay wedding for characters Cam and Mitch.

"The freedom to marry is being advanced in American living rooms as much as in court rooms," proclaimed ACLU boss Anthony Romero. "As we wait for the Supreme Court to rule, we want to keep this issue on the minds and screens of Americans everywhere."

Remember this idea that massive political change comes from primetime programming when the Hollywood executives try to argue that massive sex, violence and profanity on TV has no influence on coarsening the popular culture. They can't play dumb any better than President Obama is doing right now.

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Brent Bozell

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