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When Mother Jones recently leaked video of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's team talking about the vulnerabilities of actress Ashley Judd as a Democratic opponent, ABC and NBC reported it in the evening and then again the next morning, with CBS just catching up in the morning. ABC's Jim Avila said the Republican leader's "private and politically embarrassing strategy session" showed a "cutthroat attack on a Hollywood opponent."

Undercover videos by conservatives -- those don't deserve the light of day. When Live Action exposed Planned Parenthood clinics in New Jersey and Virginia in 2011, with its clinic staff advising a "pimp" on how to evade the law with underage prostitutes, these three networks simply pretended the tapes didn't exist. When James O'Keefe and his activists exposed the leftist pro-Obama group ACORN with hidden cameras in 2009, the networks waited for days to touch it and then aired just one solitary story (ABC, CBS) or three (NBC) once Congress moved to defund them. But Mother Jones is somehow a non-ideological outfit of journalistic integrity.

The Washington Post explained, "Live Action was founded by Rose, a former associate of conservative activist James O'Keefe, whose controversial stings contributed to the demise of the liberal group ACORN." But on April 11, the Post wrote a story celebrating how David Corn at Mother Jones, the "liberal-leaning magazine" was striking "audio gold." They didn't talk about "controversial stings." The Post rounded up other liberal journalists to laud Corn as "passionate, innovative and always at the edge."

The Post also felt it necessary to reflect on the controversial nature of these (conservative) videos. Dr. Santangelo was very upset about how he was "tripped up" by a "hypothetical at a moment when he was trying to reassure a client." He said he has not watched the video because "I don't like to feed into these people. I really consider them terrorists."

The Gosnell murder trial is now in the hands of the jurors. While they ponder, let us ponder:

CNN: Some coverage, not much.

Fox News: Some coverage, not much.

CBS: Two segments and a couple of tiny updates.

NBC. One question to Obama.

ABC: Nothing.

The Live Action videos? Crickets on ABC, CBS and NBC.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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