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This is a flagrant, shameless lie. Not one serious pro-life group on the political right has done that.

The filmmakers say they want to "shed light" and not have a "shouting match" in a debate that's "extremely polarized," and they hope Americans would "evaluate their positions in a more honest, thoughtful and complicated way." But they're just the latest in a long line of extremely polarizing leftist propagandists, angrily blurring the truth.

Shane and Wilson claimed the media's coverage of Tiller's death was too balanced and incomplete. The media incorrectly called Tiller "controversial" and "got talking points from the both sides of the issue and ended it there." More distortions. In fact, Tiller news stories often omitted or sidelined the pro-lifers' horror and celebrated the abortionist just as these people do.

When asked how they got the two female abortionists in the film to talk, Shane and Wilson admitted their two subjects first granted interviews tor Rachel Maddow for her MSNBC special, "The Assassination of Dr. Tiller." They failed to acknowledge other in-depth celebrations of Drs. Carhart and Hern, like the very one-sided, half-hour on the primetime PBS program, "Now," just weeks after Tiller's death.

Leftists warn of "anti-choice extremists," but see nothing extreme in killing a perfectly viable baby in the last weeks of pregnancy, which even most "pro-choice" people refuse to support. Shane thinks these abortionists of last resort are some of America's greatest doctors. They "provide amazing care by any standard," and "they're unbelievably good listeners. This should be a model for all medical care in this country." Then Wilson claimed they made a movie that does "not tell people what to think."

The Catholic League's indefatigable Bill Donohue sums it up brilliantly: "'After Tiller' tries to put a human face on an inhuman practice, and it fails. Here's the proof: the film never shows the patients' faces, though permission was granted."

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Brent Bozell

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