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The next week's episode skipped this life-and-death chapter completely, but not for long. On Jan. 22, the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade abortion decision, the story arc wrapped up in a brief scene placed smack-dab in the middle of the show. Drew shows up on Amy's doorstep and says he's been accepted to college at Berkeley. She says she's been accepted to Tufts in Boston. With the realization that this "love" will never last, Drew gives Amy a hug and they say they'll never forget each other, and he leaves. Life goes on -- for them, anyway.

At the end of that episode comes the obnoxious feint toward "balance." Two adult characters smile at a sonogram of their unborn baby. They're apparently old enough to be "punished" with it.

The abortion plot gets sillier if a viewer rewinds back a few episodes to November to the beginning of this "unforgettable" plot. Seemingly out of nowhere, Amy shows up at Drew's home and agrees to sex with the boyfriend she had freshly dumped just because she felt sorry for him that his aunt was suffering with cancer. "Reality," 90210-style.

This isn't the only recent teenage abortion on TV. In 2010, NBC's "Friday Night Lights" featured a high school freshman getting an abortion after her high school principal hinted at that "choice." It's not a coincidence that both episodes were written by the same man -- Jason Katims. He told Entertainment Weekly in 2010 NBC offered "minimal drama" in reviewing the episode. "I honestly felt surprised that there wasn't more of a conversation about it."

Entertainment Weekly felt compelled to editorialize back then on behalf of more TV abortion scenes: "That there was so little uproar around the episodes proves we may be ready for a real discussion that television can lead -- if it so chooses." But only if that "discussion" is stilted toward sexually rambunctious children killing their unwanted babies.

Brent Bozell

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