Brent Bozell

Do you know who wants to make sure nothing changes forever, and "common sense reforms" never surface for their own financial gain and higher ratings? The very makers of violent TV, movies, music and video games Obama met with. And do you know who just won re-election by constantly soliciting these blood-and-gore producers like a 24-hour ATM? It's no small wonder the NRA calls Obama an "elitist hypocrite."

Hollywood hasn't exactly enacted a violence moratorium since Newtown. Matthew Philbin of the Media Research Center reports last weekend's top five movies at the box office contained 65 scenes of violence, with 185 individual victims and 38 of the 65 scenes depicted gun violence. That's leaving out "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D," which led the box office receipts the previous weekend.

How is this for Hollywood sensitivity: the most violent movie of the top five was "Gangster Squad." The ending scene was changed since the trailer originally showed the gangsters shooting up a theater, which became a no-no after the Aurora Theater shooting. They just changed the massacre setting.

The same hypocrisy was proven about violent TV. ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee proclaimed at TV's winter press tour, "We are tremendously sensitive to this issue; we think about it and talk about it all the time. We are storytellers, but we want to make sure that the stories we tell are done with moral integrity."

On the very same day Hollywood's lobbyists met with Biden, the ABC drama "Scandal" carried a graphic three-minute torture-and-beating scene. Viewers saw a man being water boarded, his nose being broken and his face pounded into a bloody mess, with blood spattering on the walls. This is ABC's idea of "moral integrity." They were so "tremendously sensitive" about it that they rated it TV-14 because eighth-graders apparently wouldn't find this disturbing at all.

Obama and Hollywood want you to know they care deeply about the children.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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