Brent Bozell

At least Kurtz noticed that when Gregory sat down with President Obama a week after his smackdown with LaPierre, it suddenly became a no-news snoozefest. Gregory brought no showy props to the White House to embarrass Obama. Instead, he asked the president whether he had enough courage to fight for liberals against gun rights: "You know how hard this is. Do you have the stomach for the political fight for new gun control laws?"

On Benghazi, Gregory could only ask with a very un-Russert-like vagueness, "After the attack in Benghazi, is there a need for more accountability so that this doesn't happen again? And do you know who was behind the attack at this point?" Gregory also asked Obama if he threw his friend Susan Rice "under the bus," without acknowledging Rice's campaign of lies on five Sunday shows, including his own.

Back on Sept. 16, the same Gregory that yelled in the White House briefing room about Bush's "failures" of vision in Iraq couldn't quite locate any failures in questioning Rice: "Was there a failure here that this administration is responsible for, whether it`s an intelligence failure, a failure to see this coming, or a failure to adequately protect U.S. embassies and installations from a spontaneous kind of reaction like this?" (Rice said, "I don't think so.")

Now back to Obama: the laugh track should have kicked in when Obama mentioned the movie "Lincoln" and Gregory nauseatingly asked, "Is this your Lincoln moment?" Obama's always encouraged Lincoln parallels, no matter how ridiculous, but he laughably insisted, "Well no, look. I never compared myself to Lincoln."

Even NBC knew it was foisting a liberal double standard on its viewers. Here is NBC's Peter Alexander describing Gregory on the "NBC Nightly News" on Dec. 23: "Facing a barrage of tough questions for the first time since the deadly massacre in Newtown, on 'Meet the Press,' the NRA's CEO Wayne LaPierre forcefully defended his call for armed officers in every school."

Seven days later, on the same newscast, NBC's Kristen Welker noticed Gregory helpfully offered Obama the floor for "weighing in" against Republicans: "Weighing in from the White House, the president, who appeared on 'Meet the Press,' pushed Republicans to give on taxes."

This is the reason why liberal journalists shouldn't be so shocked at the "vitriol" against Gregory and his fellow Obama courtiers in the press. Everything they do -- legal and illegal, ethical and unethical -- looks designed to embarrass and defeat conservatives.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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