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This priest not only bashes the Pope as an intolerant old fool, he's recruiting Brian to Fight the Power in earthy language. He says, "I never bought that Jesus-is-a-blissed-out-hippie crap. The man was pissed off." He was "the Chuck Norris of his day," and to turn the other cheek was "an act of defiance. It meant: I will see your insult and raise you a 'suck it!'" Jesus "saw hypocrisy and injustice and said 'Seriously? You guys are idiots. This has got to change!'"

Yup, that's what Jesus said in the Book of Tinseltown, Chapter 90210.

Brian replies, "So you're saying the church can change?" The priest then unspools a gay rights lecture, complete with soothing musical accompaniment: "Well it would. I've seen gay people battle discrimination and march for marriage equality. They demanded the right to fight for their country, but for their souls? Nope. They just give up and walk away. Jesus was a fighter, son. How about you?"

No one on this show expressed an authentically Christian opinion. There are only leftist lectures -- predictable, boorish, amateurish. (Unsurprisingly, Murphy is a huge Obama backer who held a fundraiser at his house with the president because "I just can't imagine a world in which he does not win.")

You can also find the "cool, rebellious priest" model at the movies. A new film called "The Sessions" takes on the story of a 40-something disabled man who weighs about 70 pounds employing a "sexual surrogate" (a sort of therapeutic prostitute) so he can lose his virginity. People magazine reports he's supported in this quest by a priest, "who in hilarious chats about just how sinful this particular sin would be, gives his blessing." The movie is based on real life, where the disabled man consulted "Father Mike," a young, bearded priest from the neighborhood church who "told me Jesus was never big on rules, that he often broke the rules out of compassion."

Hollywood wants to remake God in its own image, full of its version of "compassion" and shattering every traditional value. This mission is too important to weigh down with authentically Christian characters instead of wise-cracking and cartoonish propagandist puppets.

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Brent Bozell

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