Brent Bozell

Conservative activist and author Christopher Horner has laid out an astonishing case against the Obama administration in his new book "The Liberal War on Transparency." Don't plan on seeing Chris in a big "60 Minutes" piece or a two-hour PBS documentary.

Remember how the liberal reporters all yammered away about how they were entitled to all of Sarah Palin's emails as governor of Alaska? Media organizations sued to gain access to 13,000 Palin emails. Where are those "reporters" now? Why the silence over Team Obama? Because the media is on Team Obama.

Horner demonstrates that the Obama administration conducts its public business by avoiding the official email accounts provided by the taxpayer. Jim Messina, currently the campaign manager for Obama, used his private AOL account during his time in the White House to make deals with Big Pharma lobbyists to support Obamacare, where they agreed to buy $150 million in ads and lobby for his bill's enactment.

Similarly, the head of the Department of Energy's Loan Guarantee Program made infamous by Solyndra, conducted government business on personal email accounts. "Don't ever send an email on DOE email with a personal email addresses," Jonathan Silver wrote August 21, 2011 from his personal account to another program official's private account. "That makes them subpoenable." There's nothing innocent in that sentence.

The Washington Post reported then that "Silver repeatedly communicated about internal and sensitive loan decisions via his personal email, the newly released records show, and more than a dozen other Energy Department staff members used their personal email to discuss decisions involving taxpayer-funded loans as well."

Did the Post write an angry editorial on this? Of course not.

Horner's indictment is blunt: "Transparency is being turned on its head, and by the ideological heirs of its original champions." He means liberals in general. But it's the liberal "investigative journalists" and editorial writers who have proven to be flagrantly hypocritical. "Freedom of information" is only a fancy turn of phrase used to describe a political tactic to be employed against conservatives. With liberals, silence is golden.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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