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Lieberman relentlessly tried to locate the wildest vibe possible, rewarding a couple with free shots for tonguing and groping each other on the patio furniture so everyone could watch. He explained the vision for his hotel (and the TV show): "Basically, it's my personality turned into a rock n' roll (bleeped f---) palace."

The "C" in "CW" does not stand for class.

Lieberman also attempted to use a pair of panties allegedly given to him by a guest as a pocket square, which he called the "pocket panty." The hotel was so wild in the legend Lieberman was building that he implied the staff was asked to provide contraceptive room service. One female staffer re-enacted one apparent phone call: "He was really horny and he needs a condom. 'I need a condom. I need a condom, like right now.'"

The second episode celebrated Gay Pride Week, and it was more of the same. Hotel manager Stephanie insisted the male staffers were there almost as sex workers: "I don't care if they have to shake a tail feather, take their shirts off, do body shots, whatever it is to increase the sales for the hotel, they better do it."

Two of the female staffers went to a gay club and felt accosted by a stripper, who thrust his pelvis at close range. One said, "What the (bleeped f---) just hit me in the face? We still have bruises on our faces!" The other replied: "Next time, I'm wearing a helmet."

Maybe this is why God gave us scripts?

Another plotline in that episode featured Stephanie, the 30-something hotel manager, flirting with Renaldo, the wine salesman. This is the woman Lieberman told the audience has "A-plus cleavage." Later, a hotel employee explained how awesome it was that Lieberman let them copulate in the empty hotel rooms. Viewers were "treated" to an "unintentional" walk-in on Stephanie in the midst of implied glorious coitus with Renaldo.

Corporations actually paid money to be associated with this gunk. To be precise, that's businesses selling products to young girls: Verizon cellular phones, L'Oreal and Maybelline, among others. These companies are paying for soft-core porn to be peddled to children via a network that redefines imbecility.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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