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In a new interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Savage repeated that "religious people need to learn to ignore what the Bible says about gay people, or seems to say, the same way they ignore what the Bible says about shellfish and slavery. We're not asking religious people to do anything they haven't already done, which is to let go of the parts of the Bible that discriminate. They've done it before with slavery and they can do it again with homosexuality."

Savage isn't hiding his agenda: Hey, hey, ho, ho, the Holy Bible has got to go. Hollywood has made this view "more mainstream than ever," and he knows it. This secular sex columnist doesn't have any need to express civility toward his opponents. There is only the flamethrower and the grenades for this commando.

This line was also in his "more mainstream than ever" basket, equating marriage to rape: " We should start calling male-on-female rape 'traditional' rape. Because if all 'traditional' means is that it's between a man and woman, that's setting the bar pretty low."

This man not only hates Christians, he despises Christianity itself.

MTV just wrapped up its season of "Savage U," the show where Savage travels to college campuses doling out profane sex "education." For twelve episodes on twelve college campuses, MTV posed Savage as the compassionate wise man as he says the most outrageous things. In the season finale at Texas Tech, Savage preached that contraceptives must be used to prevent "the world's oldest and most disruptive sexually transmitted infection: pregnancy." He confessed his MTV sidekick Lauren Hutchinson doesn't like that lingo because "she's so sentimental that way about babies."

Savage is so unsentimental that he's insulted his own adopted son D. J. as thuggish. In an adoring NPR interview last year with Terry Gross, he cracked, "If he didn't have us for parents -- he's a little thuggy snowboarder-skateboarder dude -- and I like to think that he's blessed to have us as parents because you can see in him the capacity to be a bully." Thanks, "Dad."

Earth to Viacom: You are ridiculous when you announce anti-bullying specials hosted by pathetic bullies like Dan Savage. It makes about as much sense as a special promoting vegetarianism hosted by Ronald McDonald.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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