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Thank God. This could mark the end of CCD (Cap'n Crunch Disease) and MFLS (Mad Fruit Loops Syndrome).

ABC and Michelle Obama (and the journalists following them) aren't asking a natural follow-up: If the first lady is correct that cereal and chewing gum commercials are so powerful that "whatever is on TV is what our kids are going to want," what about the TV that's on (SET ITAL) in between (END ITAL) the commercials? In other words, would someone ask Michelle Obama how she thinks her daughters would enjoy ABC's sitcom "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23"? Is that healthy for young minds? How about the pro-homosexual lifestyle pushed by her husband's financial supporters from "Glee"?

The official Obama publicity line is their daughters are completely denied television during the school week, and there's been negative feedback. ABC News recently suggested online that Obama could be "the first Amish president." For the record, I think it's wonderful. But why take money from an entertainment industry whose product is so injurious to children you won't let your own children near it?

It would have been fun to see a reporter ask Michelle Obama if she supports Robert Iger's so-called ABC Family Channel airing a show called "Pretty Little Liars" that teaches young girls about teenage sex, alcoholism, smoking and lesbianism.

ABC Family was thrilled to announce the "Liars" season debut won its time slot in females 12 to 34 and female teens. It generated more than 534,000 tweets on Twitter. Does anyone think this show is "healthy" for children? Don't you wish Michelle Obama and Disney would say something about this rather than crusading against the alleged horror of a 30-second cartoon starring Cap'n Crunch?

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Brent Bozell

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