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Get "The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama's War on the Republic" by David Limbaugh today

The pro-Obama media don't take exception to Obama's overweening egotism. They have made him the emperor with no clothes, and they continue to compliment his invisible finery.

Limbaugh unloads the armory on Obama's "frequent, extravagant vacations and golf outings," which the press blindly accepts as well-deserved. Helluva 99 percenter this man is. The extreme clash this represents with the Occupy Wall Street movement is rarely highlighted by the Obama-loving media elite. There have been no "disastrous optics" for Obama in golfing after the tsunami in Japan or skipping his commitment to attend the Polish president's funeral for another round on the links. There have been no Occupiers protesting Obama's lavish vacations in Hawaii and Martha's Vineyard or Michelle Obama's trips to Aspen, Colo., or sunny Spain.

And President Obama, he writes, "still can't resist placing himself in the cultural limelight, appearing on pop-culture television programs ranging from 'The Daily Show' to 'Mythbusters.'" Obama loves appearing on shows like "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," where he can make viral videos of Fallon's latest edition of Extreme Fawn-Over. When Obama came through the curtain, the crowd unleashed a screaming standing ovation reminiscent of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. Then they "slow-jammed the news," which was really just Obama making a campaign speech to bedroom-eyes soul music in the background.

Fallon followed up Obama's rhetoric for low-interest federal student loans with embarrassing lines such as "Awww yeah. You should listen to the president. Or as I like to call him, the preezy of the United Steezy." Move over, Bill Clinton. Obama is now the coolest person in the room.

After Obama attacked Republicans, Fallon added: "Mmm, mmm, mmm. The Barack Ness monster ain't buying it. ... And the president knows his stuff, y'all. That's why they call him the POTUS, which means person on top -- what is it?" Obama replied, "Jimmy, POTUS stands for President of the United States." Singer Tariq Trotter then sang in tribute: "He's the POTUS with the mostest!" Deep.

Fallon ended this spectacle later by saying, "We don't take sides politically on this show." This bald-faced campaign ad by the Obama donors at Comcast/NBC is exactly what David Limbaugh is trying to fight -- a unanimous media that sees Obama just as he sees himself, as a historic figure, an icon and someone who isn't ruining America.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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