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In her video, Lopez in a sleeveless black dress and fishnet stockings, slowly falls from above into the interlocking bodies of the orgy and then sings "I love to make love to you, baby." (And 43 other people?) Her skirt is ripped off. Some of the writhing women in the Lopez video are wearing sunglasses or Lone Ranger masks. I wouldn't want to show my face in this crud, either.

But there's always a lower new low. On episode 12 of the upcoming HBO "mockumentary" series "Angry Boys," they feature a young girl sipping through a straw from a very anatomically correct penis-and-testicles cup. It resembles something called the "Pink Dicky Sport Bottle," sold to adults in sex shops.

How young is this child? Try ... between 4 and 6.

Is HBO really proud of this program, squeezing laughs out of having a preschool actress suck on a plastic penis? Actress Deni Lindholm was found through a company called "Bubblegum Casting," which normally handles child models for department store ads.

"Angry Boys" is made by Australian comedian Chris Lilley, known primarily by "his willingness to push the obtuseness, nastiness and general cluelessness of his characters," reports The New York Times. Naturally, HBO was desperate to co-produce this sludge.

The nasty character in this case (played by Lilley in drag) is a ruthless, clueless Japanese mother named Jen Okazaki who is trying to exploit the skateboarding career of her son Tim, including floating the (untrue) rumor that he is gay and then starting a company called Gaystyle Enterprises. When that fails, viewers learn that she was left with a veritable warehouse full of unsold sex products, but she says, "I've found it quite useful for decorating around the new house."

The blogger Weekend Libertarian quotes more of this routine: "The c--k cushions -- just a scatter cushion, um, like so. We have just a c--k box (for the television) here where I put my remote." Penis products are everywhere, with no thought for the impressionable child actors.

The child character, Cindy Okazaki, is mocked as an unfortunate afterthought. The mother says "being a household mom is s---. You have to constantly look after your children." And: "I never wanted a third child, so when Cindy came along, I was a little disappointed, but what can you do?" The character says this ... while holding the child. This is meant to be hilarious.

What Ross Perot called "that giant sucking sound" could be applied to Hollywood, which is perennially dragging whatever we could call our public morality down to the ugliest, most malodorous sewer. The well gets only deeper.

Brent Bozell

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