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What if you're a religious parent who feels that the homosexual lifestyle is sinful, at odds with what God intended for humanity? These academics don't like to discuss religion, except by implying that religious parents are "controlling" and "authoritarian" and prompt "hateful" attitudes.

Secular leftists hate it when conservatives bring religion into politics, arguing it's unfair to say God favors the Republican agenda. But then they turn around and bring science into politics, insisting that science favors the liberal agenda, that "reality has a liberal bias."

Those who actually think this study is science should really check out some of the methods these scientists applied to uncover the unconscious homosexuality of conservatives. Science Daily explained some tactics:

1. In one experiment, college students were shown words and pictures on a computer screen and asked to put these in "gay" or "straight" categories. Before each of the 50 trials, participants were subliminally primed with either the word "me" or "others" flashed on the screen for 35 milliseconds. They were then shown the words "gay," "straight," "homosexual," and "heterosexual," as well as pictures of straight and gay couples, and the computer tracked precisely their response times. "A faster association of 'me' with 'gay' and a slower association of 'me' with 'straight' indicated an implicit gay orientation." What?

2. "A second experiment, in which subjects were free to browse same-sex or opposite-sex photos, provided an additional measure of implicit sexual attraction." Uh-huh.

3. Through a series of questionnaires, participants also reported on the type of parenting they experienced growing up, "democratic" or "authoritarian." For gauging the level of homophobia in a household, subjects responded to sentences like: "It would be upsetting for my mom to find out she was alone with a lesbian," or "My dad avoids gay men whenever possible."

What a wheelbarrow full of nonsense this is! What's dressed up here as science is really just intellectual intimidation and political bullying. Tell the homophobe he's secretly gay. That will drive 'em crazy. This study proves nothing except the agenda of the alleged scientists and the journalists pushing it.


Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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