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David Duke underwent a face-lift, but he still had to answer for David Duke.

Sharpton not only anchors a TV show, but with MSNBC's permission he moonlights as an activist as well, leading his marches and crusades. A few days ago, NBC's "Today" brought on Sharpton to condemn Rush Limbaugh for being "offensive and misogynist," with co-host Amy Robach wondering: "Is this something the Republican Party needs to deal with right now?" Like a good company servant, Robach had nothing to say about whether Sharpton is a judge of anyone else's moral integrity or political appeal.

While MSNBC unloads both barrels on Rush Limbaugh for "vicious attacks" and lobbies for his show's complete implosion, they continue to employ Sharpton and Ed Schultz, who advocated on-air for ripping Dick Cheney's heart out of his chest and calls Joe Lieberman's wife a "whore." The idea that MSNBC can lecture anyone else for being an uncivil cesspool is beyond ridiculous. It's just sick.

But then, MSNBC is very talented at denial. Rachel Maddow also entered beyond-laughable territory when she granted an interview to Slate at the end of 2011 and claimed "there may be liberals on TV at MSNBC, but the network is not operating with a political objective."

There is no party line to toe at MSNBC, she insisted, just a herd of independent minds. Maddow continued, with a straight face: "Whereas Fox is operating with a political objective to elect Republican candidates, and particularly, to elect Republican candidates Roger Ailes likes. I think Roger Ailes is a really good TV executive, but their operation is essentially a political operation to elect Republicans."

Comcast now owns NBC and MSNBC -- thanks to a merger approved by the Obama Justice Department. Comcast was aided by the activism of one Al Sharpton, so perhaps his program was part of the deal. Comcast executives and employees have also shoveled millions of dollars to Obama's re-election campaign. The definition "essentially a political operation to elect Democrats" has never been more accurate.

Brent Bozell

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