Brent Bozell

CNNs John King told Santorum he was a Democrat's dream. "A lot of Democrats were celebrating, if you will, Senator Santorum, last night, saying, in their view, you're on the extreme right on many of these social issues and they think, for them, it's a good thing that these issues will be front and center." This is especially appalling coming from CNN, which has created several hour-long specials boosting the extreme left, such as "Gary and Tony Have a Baby."

Several anchors -- including NBCs Savannah Guthrie before the caucuses and Fox's Bill O'Reilly (warning of what would come) afterwards -- pressed Santorum on artificial contraception, which hasn't exactly come up in most presidential campaigns. Obama isn't exactly being badgered about contraceptives and how he told a town hall meeting in 2008 they would help his daughters avoid being "punished with a baby."

The media will demand Santorum move to the center on all of the issues: economic issues, defense issues and social issues. But they think he's especially vulnerable as "extreme" on the social ones. Conservative viewpoints are extreme, but the liberal counterpoints never are so.

It's extreme to criticize contraceptives, but not extreme to give them to 12-year-olds in public schools. It's extreme to oppose all abortions but not extreme to favor every one of them (even partial-birth abortions) and want them funded with taxpayer money. It's extreme to believe in traditional marriage, but it's not extreme to support poly-amorous groupings of three or five lovers in loose "family" arrangements.

Amazingly, ABCs "Good Morning America" slavishly promoted polyamory the morning after Santorum's near-tie. Abbie Boudreau gushed, "Really, these days a modern family, just like ABCs hit comedy, can be anything you make it."

Republican voters need to remember that the ultraliberals who run our national media are nowhere near the mainstream on the culture or on any other vital American issue. When they insist a conservative candidate really needs to move to the middle, perhaps conservatives ought to push back and ask when was the last time these people were anywhere near the center. They couldn't find it with a pair of binoculars.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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