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That's a standard liberal media sob story, requiring federal funding, with one very weird exception: blame. CBS made no attempt to notice it is Jerry Brown and not just the faceless entity "California" that's overseeing this effort to cut subsidies and raise payments on the poor. What of Obama's $900 billion "stimulus" jobs program? Neither was cited.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that California received about $12.4 billion of the $90 billion of the "stimulus" the Obama administration injected into Medicaid programs -- as if increased government welfare spending stimulates the economy. The extra subsidies meant the federal government matched California at 62 cents on the dollar instead of 50 cents. The "stimulus" hasn't petered out, yet CBS is already banging a can for more taxpayer "investment."

The state government of California has become infamous for overspending under governors of both parties, but somehow CBS can never manage to get beyond the ever-demanding needs of its televised victims to consider the fate of the entire state, or the fate of the entire American economy, if no one ever cuts (or just limits) spending on anything.

That same CBS newscast began with anchorman Scott Pelley in high dudgeon: "Tonight, what we've learned about a stunning lapse in security. A man flies across country with no ticket, no valid boarding pass and no matching ID. Bob Orr on the multiple failures of U.S. airport screening." Orr was shocked that Transportation Security Agency screeners had failed to prevent a Nigerian national named Olajide Noibi from boarding a Virgin America flight from New York to Los Angeles. Noibi was taken into custody later in Los Angeles after he showed up at the airport and tried to fly to Atlanta carrying more than 10 outdated boarding passes.

Guess who was never seriously challenged by CBS for this security lapse, despite the near-tragedy of the Nigerian Christmas Day bomber of 2009: the entire Obama administration, from Obama to Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano to TSA Chief John Pistole. Do you think Team Bush would have escaped this kind of scrutiny? The bias by omission among these national media outlets is astounding, and it's much worse than their relentless pounding of Bush. The media are screening Obama with less caution than the TSA mustered for Noibi.

And the campaign hasn't even started.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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