Brent Bozell

Like their Democrat friends, Harry "The War is Lost" Reid and Nancy "Iraq Was a Grotesque Mistake" Pelosi, our media were the loyal opposition in the Bush years. It is astonishing to see them so shamefully switch their talking points so quickly and robotically -- perhaps as quickly and robotically as Gen. Obama.

Exhibit A is former Washington Post defense reporter Thomas Ricks. Five years ago, he wrote an Iraq book with the title "Fiasco." That tome was touted as "a searing judgment on the strategic blindness" of Bush's war. In his book, Ricks even trashed Democrats. They were not doves but "lambs" for their failure to oversee the excesses of the executive branch.

So who is this lobotomized Tom Ricks who showed up on "Meet the Press" on March 27? This man put on rose-colored glasses and magically transformed himself into Mr. Best-Case Scenario.

NBC's David Gregory asked: If Gadhafi stays, can we really say "Mission accomplished"?

Ricks didn't hesitate. "Yes. I think what they'll say is we gave it a chance. All Obama is saying is give war a chance," Ricks proclaimed. "Not our war. All we did was kick the door down, let the Brits and the French and the others do it. And I think his notion is we're going to be out of there long before this is resolved. That's the hope. That's the best-case scenario."

As one of Obama's media "lambs," Ricks also insisted that if there are Islamic extremists among the Libyan rebels, that's OK, since they seem to like us right now.

"I don't think that all Islamic extremists are necessarily our enemy. What we're at war with is violent Islamic extremists who want to attack the United States. I think what you're seeing now is something very different, which is some of those Islamic extremists are cheering the United States."

The economy is in shambles -- who cares? The country is broke -- who cares? We're in a third war now, and we don't know why or to what end -- and who cares? All that matters is that whatever helps Obama is the top "news." Whatever hurts Obama is destined to be left on the back burner in a rusting pot.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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