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Where was Aflac then? The obvious answer is that thousands hadn't died. Still, that didn't disturb the sensibilities of anyone in Aflac Land?

Predictably, some of Gottfried's tasteless-comedian pals aren't coming to his defense. Gottfried removed his Twitter jokes, but has since posted comedian Lisa Lampanelli joking, "Some said 'too soon' but in his defense, Tokyo IS 13 hrs ahead of us!"

Does anyone think Gottfried isn't already returning to form? Gottfried posted this to his Twitter followers. "Been reading your tweets. More than a few of you have said, 'F--- 'em if they can't take a joke.' Yup, those are true Gilbert Gottfried fans." Does this sound like a man apologetic for his actions?

On ABC's "The View," Joy Behar won the prize for the most ridiculous Gottfried defense. When Sherri Shepherd asked who in Japan was feeling better for these mean-spirited jokes, Behar replied: "Maybe people who just need relief from the terror of it all. I don't know, but I mean, I'm sure people in concentration camps made jokes about each other, about the Nazis, about their situation. That's the way people relieve stress."

Don't feel too bad for Gottfried, and don't applaud Aflac, either. He has a new book coming out in April with the transgender-joke title "Rubber Balls and Liquor." Publishers Weekly promises "(Oral sex) and masturbation jokes punctuate a mix of memoir, angst-ridden anecdotes, and observational humor ... and his fans will eagerly skip ahead to a chapter titled 'Too Soon' about his now famous Friars Club performance two weeks after 9/11."

That's when he made a joke about a direct flight into the Empire State Building. Thousands died in New York, too -- but apparently not enough thousands for Aflac to fire him back then. Or was it just that the dead were Americans?

Brent Bozell

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