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Uka meant to kill them all. He held his gun to the head of a fifth man and pressed the trigger twice, but it jammed. Our media showed more concern about cartoons mocking Muhammad than they did for this crime.

The Times did put another Islamist-violence story on the March 3 front page: Shahbaz Bhatti, the lone Christian cabinet member in Pakistan, was shot dead by the local Taliban for opposing an Islamic anti-blasphemy law. ABC, CBS and NBC all skipped that story on the evening news and offered tiny scraps of it on their morning shows.

Their "public service" function was served by displaying Charlie Sheen and "Candid Camera in the Wilderness."

These journalists have lost a connection to the war on Islamic extremism and the troops fighting in Afghanistan. The Washington Post recently published a touching story of how Lt. Gen. John Kelly went to St. Louis and delivered a "passionate and at time angry speech about the military's sacrifices and its troops' growing sense of isolation from society."

He told the crowd, "Their struggle is your struggle ... If anyone thinks you can somehow thank them for their service, and not support the cause for which they fight -- our country -- these people are lying to themselves. ... More important, they are slighting our warriors and mocking their commitment to this nation."

Kelly did not tell the crowd he'd lost his 29-year-old son, Robert, in Afghanistan four days earlier. He became the most senior U.S. military officer to lose a son or daughter in Iraq or Afghanistan. Like many in the military, he fears the American public is unaware of the price that military families pay in one of the longest periods of sustained combat in U.S. history.

This passage underlined the problem: "President Obama devoted only six sentences to the war in Afghanistan in his State of the Union address in January. The 25-second standing ovation that lawmakers lavished on the troops lasted almost as long as the president's war remarks."

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Brent Bozell

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