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How cynical is Tony? He explains his plot to Stanley thusly: "So we go to a party and get some girl ... spliffed up, in a confused state, and she comes to believe, however momentarily of course, that you're attractive, and ... she bangs your brains out."

Tony is having trouble getting others interested in confirming the success of his plans for Stanley because there is a "big gay lezzerama" planned. One male friend (a Muslim that Tony pulls out of morning prayer at the mosque) boasts it will be "like live porn, man. And Chris said we can probably convert them, it'll be like girl on girl on dudes!"

The episode ends with Stanley still a virgin, since Katie overdoses on pills before Stanley takes advantage of her. Tony says to him, "That's embarrassing," and Stanley agrees.

They should just call the show "High School Orgy." That's at least the tone of the talk on this barbarity. But kids will be kids, as MTV knows so well. "Skins" debuted with an audience of 3.2 million, and 1 million viewers aged 12 to 17. They decided to watch because of an intense marketing campaign from MTV that directly targeted this age group. The creator of the show even bragged in an interview that he would deliver kids to advertisers.

The advertisers came in droves, especially the movie promoters. Some ads matched the show's tone perfectly, like the new movie "No Strings Attached," which features Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman promising to use each other for sex -- until someone has an ounce of actual love for the other one.

An ad for the ultraviolent video game "Dead Space 2" features mothers (or grandmothers?) tut-tutting the shooter game as the announcer promises, "It's revolting, it's violent, it's everything you love in a game. Your mom will hate it." That spot ran twice.

There was also an ad for Taco Bell to support this junk, and one for Subway. Their new slogan should be "Eat fresh, but watch poison." It perfectly matches the new rules of the cultural left. Taco Bell has pulled out now -- but only to advertise on other MTV garbage.

Brent Bozell

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