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O'Donnell's brain cramp didn't end there. He found it odd that the PTC opposes sex on family TV shows, when "without sex, there would be no families." O'Donnell continued upending common sense by congratulating the sleazy "Glee" actresses as responsible sex educators. They "should be very proud of the lessons they are teaching teenage girls about the complexities of decisions involving sex," he pronounced -- at the very moment the screen next to him was showing the two cheerleaders kissing in bed.

He was not alone. Entertainment Weekly writer Jennifer Armstrong also protested the PTC's objections. She was "morally outraged by your moral outrage." Really. Armstrong complained that she opposed the "Glee" shoot, too, as "misogynist trash," but her eminently sensible feminist outrage was "derailed" by the PTC focusing on the shoot's effect on children (and dirty old men). But Armstrong derailed herself by trying to argue that parents shouldn't attack shows like Fox's "Family Guy" because they are "aimed at adults," even though they are also watched by millions of children.

Armstrong actually claimed that a March 2009 "Family Guy" episode loaded with an outrageous plot about homosexuality, bestiality and a horse trampling disabled children was somehow beyond criticism because Fox was baiting its critics. By this fractured illogic, the more outrageous the show, the more it should be ignored.

Hollywood's defenders are forever insisting that their critics should just throw in the towel. "These are difficult days for the decency police," reported The New York Times. On MSNBC, O'Donnell asserted the game was over: we're all "going to have to realize that the censorship battle is lost." The defeat is so complete we're supposed to thank the outrage-makers for raising awareness that they cannot be trusted.

But these same critics would never say the Better Business Bureau should pack it in, or that Mothers Against Drunk Driving is becoming irrelevant. There is nothing more these cultural bohemians would like than for all the walls of traditional decency to come crashing down. Then they'll have what they really want: moral anarchy.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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