Brent Bozell

This is not the way servile Schieffer greeted Obama in several interviews on "Face the Nation." He's never pressed Obama in a puritanical tone as to why our chain smoker in chief hasn't kicked the habit. Instead, in their last face to face a year ago, Schieffer was feeling Obama's pain about "the sort of meanness that has settled over our political dialogue" and how "President Carter is now saying that he thinks it's racial. Nancy Pelosi says it could be dangerous. What do you think it's all about?"

Democrats in these last few weeks before Election Day know that the public remains enraged over ObamaCare and thinks the "stimulus" was an enormous boondoggle. So they're slinging personal mud at an astonishing rate. In Nevada, wildly unpopular Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a new ad with a state trooper charging that Republican Sharron Angle favors Nevada being "a safe haven for domestic abusers." They say this because they know there is no accountability.

Instead, several anchors were attacking Newt Gingrich for insisting that Obama's anti-American, that he's channeling his Kenyan father's opposition to American imperialism. CNN's Anderson Cooper could have used a sedative as he began his piece thusly: "Newt Gingrich ignites an uproar, saying President Obama is essentially a Kenyan con man who tricked Americans into voting for him and his secret radical agenda. So, are GOP politicians rushing to condemn his remarks tonight? And is anything out of bounds these days?"

Well, yes. Apparently, saying Angle favors wife-abusers is "in bounds" with Cooper and his liberal colleagues, as is everything else a Democrat says.

In 1994, I said the Republicans were in for a vicious fall campaign, not just from their Democratic opponents, but from a very hostile media. Just as it seems that 2010 could turn out to be a bigger Republican tidal wave than 1994, it's quite possible that the viciousness of the Obama-loving media will be even greater this year than it was against Gingrich & Co. Call it their very own Contract on Conservatives.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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