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Unbelievably, our journalistic geniuses can read that and say Kagan's political views are "elusive."

In their deference to Obama, the networks barely mentioned Kagan for the six weeks between her nomination and her confirmation hearings. Conservative interest groups putting out complaints that she'd be a radical justice on abortion and gay marriage are not newsworthy, even though liberal interest groups ranting about "far right" Bush nominees were tenderly solicited by the same networks.

One TV reporter filed one story that broke the mold. On June 3, CBS legal reporter Jan Crawford said documents in Thurgood Marshall's papers in the Library of Congress showed that "Kagan stood shoulder to shoulder with the liberal left, including on the most controversial issue Supreme Court nominees ever confront: abortion."

The White House was furious that Crawford would dare tell the truth about such a thing. "Their reaction has been to push back so strongly on allegations, as they would put it, that she's a liberal," she revealed. "Like there's something wrong with that, like it's a smear to say their nominee is a liberal."

When the hearings began, ranking Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions offered a devastating opening statement documenting Kagan's extreme liberalism. He ran through her college thesis that worried about socialism's demise, and her master's thesis praising the activism of the Earl Warren court. He noted how she worked for the Michael Dukakis for President campaign, and took a leave as a law school professor to help Joe Biden get liberal Justice Ruth Ginsburg confirmed.

If that's ancient history, Sessions added that in 2005, Harvard Law School Dean Kagan joined three other leftist law school deans to write a letter in opposition to Sen. Lindsey Graham's amendment on determining who was an "enemy combatant" in the War on Terror. She compared Graham's amendment to the "fundamentally lawless" actions of "dictatorships."

The networks skipped those facts in brief, perfunctory news reports.

Liberal partisans expect the "objective" media to spout obvious lies that there are no liberals to be found in Obama's Supreme Court selections, that they have been far too "elusive" to be categorized. That is why Americans are turning away in droves: They're not finding the media's biases to be "elusive."

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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