Brent Bozell

Comedy Central programming head Kent Alterman trotted out the normal line for anyone objecting to this profane new series on the god most Americans define as sacred. "In general, comedy in its purest form always makes some people uncomfortable."

Earth to Alterman: just stop with the First Amendment poseur routine there at Cowardly Central. If you're proud of "making some people uncomfortable" (Christians) while censoring your jokesters in fear of others (Muslims), you're just an anti-Christian bigot.

This "JC" show is merely in development, alongside other potential gems like "Live Sex Show" (no mystery in that title), "Rich Dicks" (ditto), and two pot-themed shows, "Highdeas" and "This Show Will Get You High." How is that for comedic genius?

Comedy Central is currently airing another religion-mocking cartoon right after "South Park." It's called "Ugly Americans," and it imagines a New York City crawling with demons, monsters and zombies. Some are even social workers at the "Department of Integration." Mark, the lead character, is a social worker who's dating a co-worker and daughter of the devil named Callie Maggotbone. One of his supervisors is a bullying demon called "Twayne the Bone-Raper."

Mark works with a washed-up wizard named Leonard, whose brother is a superstar magician named ..."Christ Angel." So it should not come as a surprise that "Christ" is a nasty guy who pulls "tricks" on women like inserting himself into their uterus, forcing labor and being "born again." He also makes Leonard punch himself repeatedly in the face.

There is a silly tendency to raise anti-social pranksters to First Amendment hero status for their willingness to be atheist jerks. The TV critics shower you with praise about how you're "profanely whip-smart" and have a "wry, postmodern vibe" -- even when there's hardly anything smart or wry in the tasteless gore and sex jokes that are the norm on this network. Having Mark meet the devil in Hell and decline an order for "unbaptized baby-arm soup" is not witty. It's just sick.

But the amazing thing is a sleazy programming chief like Kent Alterman will still claim "The beauty of working at a place like Comedy Central is you can empower people to actualize their vision in a really unfiltered way, and that's when things have the best shot at being funny."

Unfiltered? What a shameless liar.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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