Brent Bozell

Father Thomas Brundage, who was a judge in the church trial of deaf-child-molesting Father Lawrence Murphy in Milwaukee and is intimately familiar with the facts, is being ignored by the media. Here's what he wrote about this pope, in regard to the Murphy case: "In this matter, I have no reason to believe that he was involved at all. Placing this matter at his doorstep is a huge leap of logic and information."

After Cardinal Ratzinger assumed responsibility in 2001 for sex-abuse cases being investigated by the Vatican, Brundage found "in my observation as well as many of my canonical colleagues, sexual abuse cases were handled expeditiously, fairly, and with due regard to the rights of all the parties involved. I have no doubt that this was the work of then-Cardinal Ratzinger."

In addition, he wrote, "Pope Benedict has repeatedly apologized for the shame of the sexual abuse of children in various venues and to a worldwide audience. This has never happened before. He has met with victims ... He has been most reactive and proactive of any international church official in history with regard to the scourge of clergy sexual abuse of minors."

None of this mattered to the media. They will not allow this testimony to goodness to derail their religious revolution.

Newsweek even put a painting of the Virgin Mary on its cover with the words "What Would Mary Do? How Women Can Save the Catholic Church From Its Sins." According to Newsweek, Mary is now transformed into a radical feminist. They declared the Catholic scandal "is no mystery: insular groups of men often do bad things. So why not break up the all-male club?"

That is their goal, and it's political.

Men are pigs, according to the female religion editor of Newsweek, Lisa Miller, and celibate men who fail to accept women as professional equals are the biggest pigs of all.

This woman even attacked Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in her crusade. Were the bishops responsive to mothers who warned of abusive priests? "In this case Jesus was wrong: the meek did not inherit the earth. They received pious and self-serving sermonizing. ... the women of today's church have found themselves marginalized and preached to amid the interminable revelations of the sexual-abuse scandals. Their prayers to the Virgin, protector of humanity, seem to have gone unanswered."

And as I write these words, the same spirit moves Rosie O'Donnell, as she just compared the Roman Catholic Church to ... the psychotic suicide cult at Jonestown.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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