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"These are really harsh," the anchor warned. "But people wrote in and said -- they called you all kinds of names, from being a whore to someone who just couldn't keep her legs closed. They called you a baby killer. I mean, it's even hard for me to say these things because some of those -- the e-mails and the responses were so brutal."

As brutal as an abortion? Worse than that, Phillips never acknowledged that pro-lifers most certainly filled Twitter (and the heavens) with their hopes and prayers for her. CNN cannot deny those e-mails were there.

CNN also showed some of Jackson's horrific YouTube video, where she admitted that her baby had the "potential" for life, "but it (it!) was more likely to kill me, and you're not going to shame me. ... I do not feel sorry that I saved my life. I do not feel sorry that I stayed here for myself, for my boyfriend, for my kid that I've already got."

CNN didn't define that sentiment -- or lack of it -- as "really harsh." CNN never told their viewers that Jackson's nom de plume on Twitter is "Anti-Theist Angie." Nor did CNN consider the "brutal" contents of Jackson's Twitter page to be worth commentary. Here are some examples of statements Jackson "retweeted" as worthy comments about Jesus after she popped up on CNN:

"Who would Jesus do? He'd totally do Anti-Theist Angie just to prove a point to those who sully his/her name."

And: "Where would Jesus donate? To science-based education, and better abortion techniques!"

And: "Jesus hates the little women, all the women of the world."

To their credit, when ABC's "World News" hyped this story Feb. 28, they at least allowed conservative Cathy Ruse of the Family Research Council to declare, "Your heart breaks for this woman. And I hope that it doesn't encourage, I hope that what she's doing won't encourage others to take this path." ABC's online story also allowed a few paragraphs of pro-life argument.

ABC weekend anchor Dan Harris noted Jackson was an "outspoken atheist," and quoted her saying, "I hope everybody on YouTube has a great and godless day. Peace."

Jackson said she was four weeks pregnant when she aborted her child. The technology now exists to see just about every human feature -- eyes, hands, feet, even the human nipple -- on a "fetus" 1 inch in size, and only two weeks older. Peace.

Brent Bozell

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