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Wood lamented her plight: "I've done a lot without and drained my savings, so pretty much my daughter's been helping out, so -- I don't know what I'll do." Karl added numbers on screen: "Bunning is also blocking money for highway construction. So across the country today, 41 construction projects ground to a halt, thousands of workers furloughed without pay."

On CBS, Katie Couric blamed Bunning for "one of the stranger episodes on Capitol Hill" before reporter Nancy Cordes warned: "Because the bill didn't pass by today, 2,000 federal transportation workers had to be furloughed without pay, 400,000 Americans risk losing their unemployment benefits over the next seven to ten days."

NBC anchor Brian Williams decried how Bunning "had angry words with and an obscene gesture for a reporter on Capitol Hill. A sign, perhaps, that public pressure on him is building over his controversial decision to block a short-term spending bill in the U.S. Senate." Reporter Kelly O'Donnell added the same numbers about the transportation furloughs and delayed unemployment checks.

Bunning was right to say if the Congress can't find any place in the federal budget to trim away a measly $10 billion, they won't stop spending anywhere. But the media on this story aren't really on the side of the taxpayers (and debt payers). They're on the side of Team Obama and the debt builders.

Here's what Bunning should have said to Karl and his pushy producer: "If you want to pressure someone who's savagely causing unemployment, why don't you go break into your own boss's offices?" ABC News plans to offer buyouts (and then layoffs) of 400 Americans. Does anyone point a microphone in ABC News President David Westin's face and ask him why he's cutting off "life support"?

CBS is laying off about 100 people as they still pay Katie Couric $14 million annually. Why don't some reporters break into Couric's next public appearance and ask her why she's so heartless, not trying to "save or create" a few jobs inside CBS? Would Brian Williams publicly shame her if she brushed that off with a "no comment" or an obscene gesture?

Bunning isn't proposing job cuts -- or even spending cuts. He's using a hold and demanding that legislators of both parties put up or shut up when they declare they're for "pay as you go" budgeting. When it comes to massive deficits, the media are useless as part of a solution. They are a very loud and propagandistic part of the problem.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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