Brent Bozell

So the system that couldn't put them in housing fast enough is now to blame for not letting them out?

Keteyian claimed to be an investigator, but he never spent any air time investigating precisely how many billions the taxpayers in Montana and Delaware and South Dakota have sent to the Gulf for Katrina aid, and he failed to devote one second to the concept that at some point, Katrina "victims" have proven themselves "incapable" or incompetent in fixing their own situation. The "news judgment" of the major networks implies there is no such thing as individual responsibility.

One of Keteyian's victims, Kendall Deschamp, suggested all he needs is a little more taxpayer money. "A disabled state highway worker, Deschamp collects just $1,368 a month in benefits -- not enough, he says, to afford the sheetrock and new hot water heater he needs for the permit allowing him to move back into his four-bedroom home, which stands just a few tantalizing feet away."

A little Googling would show Keteyian that the name Kendall Deschamp shows up on a list of Mississippi recipients of taxpayer money in 2003 -- $25,500 -- two years before Katrina hit. The website doesn't explain the reason for this subsidy. But wouldn't it be fascinating to take one individual like Deschamp and ask how much this person has cost the taxpayer over the last four years? The networks wouldn't dream of doing that.

Keteyian can only sing from the liberal songbook, that the federal government must provide a never-ending flow of support. "Today, these travel trailers stand as a symbol of a recovery gone wrong. A hurricane of cover-up, chaos and incompetence. A system that remains, in the words of one FEMA worker on the ground here in Mississippi, one big disgusting mess."

The networks will also never wonder if this doesn't punch a huge hole in their liberalism. If the federal government is a "hurricane of cover-up, chaos, and incompetence," why should we hand over health care to them? Are the networks on this story really exposing what's wrong? Or enabling it?

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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