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Three Texas chapters of the Parents Television Council and their 90,000 members lobbied TV stations in the state to refuse these scummy ads, arguing that broadcasters are granted a license in the public interest, and promoting adultery is not in the public interest. There are children watching, and it's not only the children who might object. There are millions of adults without young children in their house who are not OK with advertising for adultery enablers.

Biderman responded by making a TV ad mocking the PTC. They suggested a double standard because the PTC hadn't protested an ad by Activision, the makers of the video game "Guitar Hero," featuring sports stars who've recently landed in the headlines on steroids and marijuana offenses.

The commercial showed four star athletes playing rock stars with the video game, ripping off the Tom Cruise rocking-in-his-underwear scene from the movie "Risky Business." In their parody, as each star entered the commercial, Ashley Madison mocked them with balloons of copy: baseball star Alex Rodriguez ("Steroid User"), Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps ("Drug User"), basketball star Kobe Bryant ("Accused Rapist") and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk ("4 Kids, Three Different Wives"). There's something really odd when Ashley Madison, the marriage-trashing company, mocks Hawk for having three wives.

Then Ashley Madison imposed this text over the rock scene: "the PTC thinks we're corrupting kids ... at least we're not targeting them."

This outfit's defense is as shameless as its product is noxious. To suggest its product is acceptable because there exists another product or ad out there that is offensive is illogical, and they know it. Activision is selling a video game, not illicit sex. It's dishonest to suggest Ashley Madison ads don't "target" children. Yes, the customers they're trying to solicit are adults, but no one should believe their ads don't target children for suffering when adultery leads to domestic violence or divorce.

The PTC responded by warning all broadcast TV networks away from accepting Ashley Madison's advertising. Biderman and his foul-smelling agency are certainly not stupid enough to think youngsters in Texas weren't watching the Super Bowl. This was the most watched Super Bowl ever, at 151.6 million viewers across America. Anyone wanting to make a scandalous wave on Super Bowl Sunday is going out of their way to try to drench a lot of children.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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