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XEG also plays Simpson's latest Las Vegas infamy for laughs. Vegas tourists find themselves "serenaded" by O.J. dressed up as an Elvis impersonator, complete with a "mini-Elvis midget sidekick."

Simpson's race is also part of the joke in "another hilarious, albeit uncomfortable sequence, as O.J. is secretly disguised as an elderly, foul-mouthed, Caucasian bingo caller at a senior center." On ABC, the late-night "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" did their parody of this parody, having the fake-Caucasian O.J. put down on a banana peel and stab the man who slipped on it. That's not very funny either, but at least it underlines the sickness it's ridiculing.

The scummy impresario behind this horrible product is XEG founder Rick Mahr, who began his video career by filming violent backyard-wrestling matches. He branched out from there to a "World's Wildest" series -- "World's Wildest College Parties," "World's Wildest Bachelor Parties" and "World's Wildest Street Fights" (which included "Ghetto Brawls" and "Brawling Broads").

Mahr's latest non-Simpson video is called "Street Anarchy: Knuckle Up." He promises viewers, "here comes the most sadistic, no-holds-barred, totally uncensored street fight compilation ever caught on tape!! No rules. No referees. No way out! ... [G]et prepared to witness the most brutally entertaining non-stop ruckus video you will ever see!!"

The "Juiced" video of Simpson would also qualify as a most sadistic product, and in a moral if not a legal sense, ought to have all its profits diverted to pay Simpson's judgment in the civil suit filed by the Goldman family. There's been no reporting on whether Simpson was paid for all of his stunt work. Why else would he do it? This kind of sick moneymaking scheme is exactly the kind of offense that generated the "Son of Sam" laws: to impose some fraction of justice to buckrakers who've displayed no conscience at all.

Brent Bozell

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