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Tapper suggested the second quote was "totally unfair," since Limbaugh was suggesting in one of his morning radio commentaries in 2006 that the "Limbaugh Laws" of immigration would include not letting immigrants offer any criticism of the government of the president. "You're a foreigner, shut your mouth, or get out." At the end, he craftily noted that this and other laws are the immigration policy of Mexico.

But here's where it gets fascinating. The Washington Post offered no "fact check" debunking Obama's lies about Limbaugh in the news section of the paper. To her credit, liberal columnist Ruth Marcus slammed it five days later, but the news section did not. ABC News somehow allowed Tapper to blog everything that was wrong about the Obama ad, but never put him on television explaining it. ABC skipped it. So did CBS. So did NBC.

It gets worse. A day after Tapper's online fact check, "Nightline" host Terry Moran put together a real hatchet job on McCain, accusing him of not only flip-flopping on the issues, but also flip-flopping on campaign decency. "The old John McCain repeatedly promised voters a different kind of campaign. Nobler, less nasty, better. ... That was then. This is now."

Moran reported that McCain mocked Obama's vote in the Illinois Senate to allow "age-appropriate" sex education for kindergarteners. McCain was wrong to say in the ad that this vote was an "accomplishment," since the bill never passed, even though Obama's vote for this crud places him against most parents and solidly on the libertine left. And his subsequent statement that he shouldn't be tagged for that bill because he only voted for it, but didn't sponsor it, is far more disingenuous.

Moran highlighted how the site declared the McCain ad "simply false," but never noticed that the same also declared Obama's Limbaugh ad "doubly misleading."

Former Bush pollster Matthew Dowd completely sold out whatever soul he still possessed by singing harmony to Moran's melody: "And I think the Obama campaign wants to have this as a campaign in the clouds. I think the McCain campaign wants to have a campaign that's in the mud."

So even as ABC's website reports that Obama is gravely misleading Latinos about the alleged Mexican-hating Rush Limbaugh, El Gringo Maximo, ABC is airing ridiculous claims from its own "experts" proclaiming Obama wants to campaign "in the clouds." Which camp is abandoning fair-play principles for political gain?

Brent Bozell

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