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The CW executives failed to screen the show's debut for TV critics, probably because they knew it was going to be mocked as sub-standard. More importantly, they refused to screen the show for CW affiliates, this despite promises they've made to regulators in Washington that program managers out in the community could have some say in their programming. How many affiliates would have flat-out refused to run this trash? They also refused to screen it for advertisers, but they caved halfway and eventually showed it to advertising agencies.

Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online was astounded at the sex plot and confirmed the suspicion that top brass pressed to add smut. She told "CNN Headline News," "I was shocked when I saw that because I had read the entire script, and that was not in the original script." She said CW hadn't finished filming yet. "So clearly, someone, a higher up at the CW, whoever it may have been, decided at the last minute that they needed to inject some sex into the show to make it more like 'Gossip Girl,' to create a bigger buzz."

CW knows no bounds in creating "bigger buzz," and will stop at nothing to get children to watch its smut. They marketed this '90210' debut with the shocking sex plot by using BusRadio -- a service that broadcasts audio exclusively into school buses populated with children as young as 6. The BusRadio website aggressively boosted the debut, complete with video clips touting the show: "Get ready for the two-hour event everyone will be talking about."

One critic of the relatively new bus service struck the obvious note: "BusRadio sells itself to school districts as an age-appropriate alternative to FM radio, but once again they've demonstrated that they don't know or don't care what age-appropriate means."

The show is also being promoted on such child-centric merchandise as backpacks, school supplies, cosmetics, T-shirts and sweatshirts. The CW network continues to enjoy marketing sexualized programming to children. It's surprising there's no word yet on whether CW will introduce its own line of promotional condoms or other sexual products.

The flailing, failing CW network is in dire straits. Their overall ratings stink. Their CW-affiliated stations are beginning to drop the "CW" out of their station logos -- and that now includes even Chicago powerhouse WGN, their signature affiliate. This sleaze-selling strategy will result only in the latest in a line of CW flops and fiascoes.

In the meantime, now, thanks to CW, parents have to worry about poison on school buses.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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