Brent Bozell

That's a nice applause line. But Biden's two sons are both lawyers, and his daughter is 27, so I doubt he's putting them to bed at night. It's doubtful that Biden, making $165,000 a year and expecting a whopping Senate retirement pension, is having a heart attack over his bills. But the media were building the Joe Lunchbox myth, not correcting it.

Then Biden's harshness really came through. He said we "can't afford four more years of non-energy policy written by and for the oil companies," and said those companies are "literally putting America's security at risk." Democrats have spent decades obstructing any attempt to drill offshore or in Alaska's barren "wildlife refuge," and Biden has the audacity to describe conservatives or Big Oil as the ones advocating a "non-energy policy"? Our dependence on foreign oil is a security risk, so oil company CEOs are guilty of endangering America?

If we'd elected Al Gore instead of George Bush in 2000, it would be the oilmen who would be getting waterboarded.

Finally, Biden added, "We can't afford four more years of a foreign policy that has shredded our alliances and sacrificed our moral standing around the world." Is it anywhere near factual accuracy to describe our nation's alliance as "shredded," as if they were scandalous things Bush stuffed down his pants like Sandy Berger?

Worse yet is the idea that the war on terror has "sacrificed our moral standing around the world." Just think of the brave men and women of our armed forces who've been literally blown to bits while they were trying to rebuild Iraq. Were our troops risking their lives day by day in an inglorious conspiracy to "sacrifice our moral standing"?

Reliably, the pundits on CNN came on after the speech to describe in glowing tones that Biden was a "character witness" for Obama that would encourage the public to get beyond their troubles and see how Obama shares their values.

It doesn't matter if Democrats slander their opponents and mangle facts. The media didn't come to Springfield to scrutinize the new Democratic ticket. They came to applaud it.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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