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Exploiting the "bi-curious" trend is also MTV's formula for the ongoing embarrassment of a reality show called "Tila Tequila's Shot at Love," another noxious offering for youngsters offered by that disgusting network. It just finished its second season with a completely predictable "twist." Miss Tequila is supposed to choose her "love" from a cast of men and a cast of women. In the first season, she chose a male, but the real-life, off-camera relationship failed in time for Season Two. The second time around, she picked a girl named Kristy -- but Kristy rejected Tila. Having built her "bi-curious" credentials, Kristy will next pose for Playboy's August issue.

Tila acted heartbroken, but the Reality Blurred blog wasn't convinced by the acting attempt. "Yeah, right. I feel more genuine emotion for strangers when I see electrocuted squirrels lying on the street." Apparently, most people who watch these "reality" shows on a regular basis don't see much of anything real about them.

MTV's "Remote Control" blog was all but promising Season Three, as if America couldn't wait for another spin on this sickening merry-go-round. They noticed that their Miss Tequila had "healed" from the rejection and suggested: "Will there be a Shot at Love 3? That's classified info for now, but we can say you haven't heard the last of Tila Tequila!"

If that doesn't work out, MTV has plenty of scandalous sexpots to choose from. E! News recently reported that former top-dollar prostitute Ashley Dupre -- the one who starred in New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's collapse -- is reportedly in talks to star in her own "reality" show and may move from New Jersey to Los Angeles to pursue her glittery show-biz dreams. "They're talking to MTV about being the next Tila Tequila," said one source.

That's all in keeping with MTV, which in the pursuit of profit will film anything short of anyone smoking a cigarette because that, after all, would be to send the wrong message to impressionable youngsters.

Brent Bozell

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