Brent Bozell

Just as Obama's media allies are silent about the left's hypocritical approach to negative campaigns, so, too, are they silent about nasty left-wing videos on YouTube. Robert Greenwald's "Brave New Films" collective has a commercial suggesting that under John McCain, contraceptives would be banned in America. They call their campaign "The Real McCain."

The ad is set in "President McCain's Women's Health Clinic." When a woman asks the perky blond nurse about her contraceptive options, she's handed a list. When the woman protests it's a blank piece of paper and repeats that she asked about birth-control options, the nurse cheerily replies: "And at the McCain Clinic, you don't have any."

Then a graphic reads: "John McCain voted against requiring insurance companies to cover prescription birth control." The fallacious argument within is that if the government doesn't pay for contraceptives, or force insurers to pay for contraceptives, then no contraceptives are available. There's no "option" to purchase your own condoms or birth-control prescriptions? Where are the media smear-fighters on this obvious howler?

Or take a virulent campaign called "I'm Voting Republican" from a firm accurately called Synthetic Human Pictures. Their Republicans are synthetic caricatures. A male doctor proclaims, "I'm voting Republican because I don't really want a cure for AIDS and breast cancer. They're just gays and women." This video clearly isn't meant to be factual, just vicious. This video has 2.3 million views at YouTube.

Cynical liberals think that the only way Obama can lose is for conservatives to take their well-traveled "low road" with negative ads. They've utterly forgotten -- if they ever acknowledged -- the low road they've traveled with millions of dollars in harsh ads against George W. Bush in the last two election cycles. Negative campaigning doesn't always work. But the media always see negative campaigning as a game only Republicans and conservatives play.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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