Brent Bozell

Feminism has been a very disgraced brand for decades. The final nail was placed in the coffin when feminists tried so athletically to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil with Bill Clinton's record of serial adultery, sexual harassment and even a credible accusation of rape. But now that Hillary Clinton has finally conceded to Barack Obama, the media elites have suddenly discovered the glorious and militant cause of women.

Hillary Clinton's failure wasn't her fault. It was sexism that ruined her chances.

Feminists have blamed everyone for this crushing burden of sexism. It's most fun watching them savage the press, the amazing thing being that the media just play along, as if they deserve it, with self-loathing males like CBS's Harry Smith sitting in their studio chairs cheering them on. "Talk from your gut," Smith urged to ex-Congresswoman Patsy Schroeder. She responded as if afflicted by rhetorical rabies, as well as historical hysteria: "It was like they made a witch out of her, some people! You know, we thought the Salem witch trials were over!"

A wee bit excessive, that. In Salem, the accused witches were executed. Hillary lost a campaign because for the first time in her career, the media liked another candidate even more -- period. Smith should have demanded that Screeching Schroeder consent to a urine test for crack cocaine instead of encouraging her to spew.

An authentically sexist media would have taunted Hillary for not having the brains to be president, which no one did. A sexist media would have said at the very beginning of the race she didn't have the toughness because she was a woman, which no one did.

All this feminist whining suggests that it was apparently just sexist to oppose Hillary or even question Hillary in any way. It was "sexist" to suggest Hillary had no mathematical chance in the last few months. It was "sexist" to imply Hillary was putting her own dreams of power ahead of her party's chances for victory. It was "sexist" to state Hillary was cold and robotic compared to Barack Obama, a smoother, more natural candidate and speaker.

There is no question that the media evinced a deeper love for and a spiritual bond with Obama. But doesn't anyone on the Democratic side want to vomit when Bill Clinton laments that the Clintons once again have suffered "the most biased press coverage in history"?

Feminists cried foul when female Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan wrote about Hillary showing a bit of cleavage on C-SPAN. The rest of the media didn't follow up until after Hillary's campaign raised hell -- and raised money -- off this supposed male-chauvinist offense.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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