Brent Bozell

For many years now, the national media have performed acrobatic feats of propaganda on Hillary's behalf, treating her to an endless stream of puffball interviews and fawning stunts. CNN put her face on the Statue of Liberty when she ran for the Senate. Throughout this entire electoral cycle, each and every "mainstream" national newspaper and network have virtually ignored the Clinton scandals that trail behind her reputation like mucus from a slug.

Instead, they have allowed her to claim "experience" in the White House far beyond her actual work there, and ignored the "experience" of waging war on special prosecutors, of hiding and shredding documents, and of destroying the careers of anyone interfering with her political ambitions. Clearly, she would rather discuss cackles and cleavage than cattle futures and sleazy Whitewater lawyering.

Even though the media never mention it, there appear to be plenty of Democratic primary voters who certainly remember the scandal-plagued Clinton years, and the whole idea of another four or eight years of corruption probes aren't as appetizing as turning the page to a fresh face.

Even worse for Hillary is the shadowy figure of Bill. Every Democratic primary voter can only imagine what the Democrats will have to defend with a first laddie running loose in the West Wing. The supposed Hillary-hating media haven't really pressed the Clintons for any data about the big donors (foreign or domestic) to the Clinton library. They certainly haven't asked her if she would be dragging out the "zone of privacy" again to hide his serial adultery and whatever political or personal wreckage it might cause (like its enduring damage to feminism). Clearly, despite the media silence, all of this is entering into the calculation of voters pulling a lever for Obama.

The idea that this woman, who tolerated and defended and enabled every sexual exploitation of her husband, every degrading use of his office and his security details over the decades to obtain thrills from interns and other groupies, could audaciously cry "sexism" at anyone ought to mocked publicly at great length.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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